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We can be confident that God’s Word is accurate in its historical details as well as in what it tells us about theology. However I have long wrestled with the true Biblical length of time spent in Egypt.Lita quotes the reference Exodus where my Bible references state that the Masoretic text says the 430 years is the time in Egypt, whereas the Samaritan Pentateuch and Septuagint state that this 430 years includes the time in Canaan.Also Paul in Galatians –17 states that the 430 years runs from the Abrahamic covenant (Genesis 15) to the giving of the Law at Mt Sinai.One also has to consider the number of generations from, say, Jacob to Moses as, for example 1 Chronicles 6:1–3 says there are only three generations from Levi to Moses!The timing we’re given in the chronogenealogies is accurate to within one year of the event.By this, I mean we can know that Adam was 130 years old when he fathered Seth, but we don’t know if he was 130 and 3 months, or just shy of 131, for example. So when you add up the chronogenealogies, we know that the Flood happened in 1656, plus up to less than 10 years, because we have 10 numbers that have less than a year of uncertainty.Joan, Before you claim that the Biblical Chronology is not accurate as claimed, please study the Biblical Chronology yourself and do not include extra-biblical sources. It will astound you to see that the king lists of many other ancient nations, are full of gigantic holes, glaring inaccuracies, and filled with fictional accounts of events that make it extremely difficult to really know what happened.

But clearly this sort of small-scale uncertainty won’t give any comfort to people who want to add thousands of years to human history.So the Exodus happened in 2728 less than 23 years how long the conquest took, or exactly how long it was before the judges started ruling Israel.We’re told how long each judge ruled, and how long each period of peace lasted, but some of these clearly overlap, and some judges clearly only ruled part of Israel, while another judge was ruling another part. Additionally, there are various chronologies competing with each other today (though all with the same ballpark outcome) which would be more precise than this article, but also rely on assumptions that must come from a particular interpretation of the text.So Solomon began to build the Temple in 3208 less than 23 years .Notice that even though we’re thousands of years into history at this point, the uncertainty about the dates is less than 25 years!

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