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Chris Daughtry went on to have a solid career but couldn't crack the top two, taking third place behind Hicks and Mc Phee. Ruben over Clay (season 2) This was perhaps the biggest nail-biter in the series' history. But there are few Idol voting results more head-scratching then the singer's seventh-place exit in season 3. Kris tops Adam (season 8) We're still trying to process this one, seven years later.Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken both clearly had legions of fans (those Claymates will not be denied), which helped Aiken find plenty of post-show success, including a multi-platinum debut album and a stint in Broadway's Spamalot. Adam Lambert is one of the show's signature stars and still lands singles on the charts (as with last year's "Ghost Town").She released four studio albums, starred in a Lifetime movie about herself, and appeared on Broadway.The GRAMMY-winner is expected to release a new solo album in 2016. The country cutie is arguably one of the genre's biggest stars and the only artist to score six consecutive No.The singer's 2006 single "Gallery" (cowritten by Ne-Yo) was a top 40 Billboard hit, but Vazquez hasn't been heard from much since. Tamyra Gray's departure (season 1) Season 1's Tamyra Gray appeared to be a strong contender in the series inaugural season, and Simon Cowell referred to her rendition of "A House Is Not a Home" as "one of the best performances on television" that he'd ever seen.

, on the market, releasing it less than three months after his coronation.This was made crystal clear when the rapper walked out in the middle of filming a January 2013 episode after criticizing her fellow judges for their hurtful remarks about contestants. The battle of the Davids (season 7) May the best David win!The pairing of rocker David Cook and cherubic David Archuleta made for a particularly attention-grabbing season 7 finale.But there have been more than a few shocking twists since the Fox singing series' 2002 launch that still get fans outraged.(Case in point: Yes, we still think that Jennifer Hudson deserved better.) 10.

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But somehow, he was unable to top Kris Allen, one of the many beneficiaries over the years of fans' predilection for Cute Guy With Guitar (see also: Cook, Phillip Phillips, Lee De Wyze).

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