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If you have firmware older than build 330, you will need to back up your saved addresses and stuff.It's in the Garmin/Waypoints directory in the NUVI and is called To restore it, just drag it back to the garmin/waypoints directory, overwriting anything that might be there.

The SD card does not have to be blank, it can have other stuff on it, just make sure the Garmin directory is on the root of the SD card.

I have a Canon camera that formats it in a few seconds, so I don't need to.

3) a Card reader for your Ubuntu computer that can read and write SD cards.

(internal or external, it doesn't matter.) In order to get the update file into a usable format, you can do it 2 ways, using wine or from a command line.

I already had wine installed because I needed it for work related compatibility and found it "just worked" for this process.

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