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The women that I engage in "practice" with do not have to be necessarily repulsive or unattractive in fact most of them are quite attractive, but there was no chemistry between us so we would decide to just use each other for sex Make up your mind Einstein.

And to think, some 'lucky' girl will get the benefit of all of that 'practice' on the ugly/repulsive ones... I don't lie and pretend that I like them and want to pursue them in the future. You know these guys, they lack social and emotional intelligence - they are good to practice sex with and that's about it. In order for it to be FWB, you actually have to be FRIENDS with them, not just pick them up in a bar or off the street.for practice and technique" you're not making a damn thing clear.The girls in your pictures, are they the ugly ones you practised on or the attractive ones you feel you need to impress???if all the fellows in your watering hole consider Simpley Sue to be the crash test dummy, then you're all sharing your fluids while she knows who in town is good and who comes up other words, highly consider erection protection for the deflection of infection, b/c no one is respecting SS enough to let the poor woman know she's harboring fugitives.

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