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They are represented by two bytes, which allows a maximum of 65,536 characters.

You must declare str Msg as a member variable of the Form1 class so that it is visible to all of the methods of the class. The two Key Down events, for the Shift key and for the G key, are the same as seen previously in Figure 4-8.The first 128 characters (represented by 7 bits) are standardized and usually referred to as low-order ASCII characters.The upper 128 characters are not standardized, although many well established character sets use all 256 characters. Unicode characters are a superset of the ASCII character set.In the next example, you will create a simple Windows application with a single-line Text Box for entering keystrokes. Set the properties of the form and the controls to the values shown in Table 4-8. It takes two arguments: a string which should contain the name of the event and the instance of Key Event Args.A larger multiline Text Box will display the keystroke events and event argument properties so that you can see what is going on. When done, the form should look something like Figure 4-7. The first argument is used in the first line in the method to display which event is being handled.

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