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For a while, I thought he was doing this on purpose, and I went home, fuming.

Later I found out he had been overwhelmed with all of the clients he had to entertain.

On jobs, I've been told that I didn't look "right."Perhaps you can relate?

You’ve never done anything to these jerks (that you know of).

Be patient and soon enough, they’ll be picking on someone their own size (or hopefully, no one at all).2. After I graduated from college, I dated someone who flat-out told me that my career goals were too lofty and that I'd never fit be "type" of person I aspired to become.

Thankfully, I'd had some practice with this kind of treatment from my days as an athlete.

By retaliating with a snappy comment, you’re joining the bully committee and leaving the door wide open for future attacks.

Instead, shut them down by showing you’re unaffected by their comments.

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Or maybe you're working for a boss who thinks you're his verbal punching bag.

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