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as always, the announcement is creating reaction from two sides; advocates applaud the move to protect users and children, whereas others feel it will impede free speech. this is a great move by microsoft, and i hope others follow suit.

there has been way too much crap floating around various chat rooms, and it is dangerous to children.

We figured out how to translate most of their speech into English. You can call them with the This section covers more of every bot's inner workings and explains how some of the more complex commands work.

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though many regions of the world will be affected, microsoft will continue to offer free, unsupervised chat rooms for msn subscribers in countries such as the united states, canada, and japan.

by giving access to the unsupervised services only to subscribers, the company hopes to be able to hold users more accountable.

A learning experience for all including the viewer.

microsoft has announced that it will be closing its msn chat rooms in 28 countries.

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