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Many people have pointed out that once a person starts thinking about the definition of “prostitute,” it’s a bit difficult to define what exactly a prostitute is.Some of my sex worker friends have asked the question: What exactly is the difference between a person whose partner buys her a fancy dinner after which they have sex, and a person whose partner buys sex with money?For example, someone I see occasionally—the last time I saw him, he gave me money at the end and he said that he felt good about giving me the money because he knew I wouldn’t spend it on, quote, “a designer handbag.” He seems to think that I am reasonably ambitious and have my shit together, and he seems to feel more comfortable giving me money because he knows it goes towards my grad school costs and credit card debt.My ability to write with proper grammar, without overusing emoticons, appears to be my biggest sales point. That guy also mentioned feeling more comfortable because he thinks I’m from the same social class as he is.

A lot of the men who are on this site want to feel appreciated, so it’s important to them that the woman they’re with gives off the appearance of appreciating them." which compares being a sugar baby to a kind of “happily ever after” princess fantasy.So far, no one I’ve talked to seems remotely interested in hiring what they see as a “prostitute.” They seem to want to be having sex with someone they find very attractive who is also someone they feel like they can respect, whose intelligence they respect.Then he flaked out on me a couple times—I don’t think he was completely OK with his own decision to be seeing me.But anyway, often, another thing these men seem to get out of it is access to someone who has a bunch of youthful energy and optimism and just plain new ideas.

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My friend Olivia, a 25-year-old graduate student, recently started advertising her services on a “Sugar Baby” site called Seeking

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