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From past studies we know that dolphins can easily mimic whistles, both in captivity and sometimes spontaneously in the wild.We also know that dolphins can learn to associate sounds (whistles) with objects.But how do you create a tool that is dolphin friendly?

But if you hang around long enough, you’ll get used to the flow. It’s okay to sit back and observe until you feel comfortable. You can chat by text with them if you’re not on cam yourself. If you turn on your webcam, you can see yourself on screen, like a rear view mirror. My cyber-acquaintances are important connections to me, who I enjoy interacting with, and sharing ups and downs with, unbounded by geography and with an unlimited variety of life backgrounds.Well, they have their rostrums that they can use in captivity to trigger a keyboard, but in the wild they do not normally touch strange objects.In the late 1990’s the Epcot Center in Orlando had the first underwater keyboard that humans and dolphins used together, semi successfully, although the work has yet to be published in detail.And when an incoming signal matches one of the “whistle words” programmed in the computer, the diver also hears an English word (in a female voice).This is the only “translation” that happens…From computer whistle to human word, mostly for the convenience and accuracy of diver response. Adam Pack, an associate professor at the University of Hawaii at Hilo and long-time colleague of the Wild Dolphin Project, wears a CHAT box prior to entering the water. Thad Starner check the device physically, and via computer, before the system goes in the water.

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