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On top of that many people around the country side have said to my mother and her sister that their mother (my gran) had an affair with a man for years and he was their father.Their father and the man who my gran supposedly had the affair with are long long dead.If you absolutely did not, is there any possibility that you could have come in contact with sperm some way other than full intercourse?If not, check with the clinic what test was done - was it an antigen test or a DNA test?I have no information to say whether it was or was not obvious from the physical characteristics of the infant that died, that it did or did not have Down's Syndrome.Also, if a mother has been severely disabled through a childhood accident, does this make it more likely she can give birth to an infant with Down's Syndrome?Can you tell me something about the incidence rate for infants born with Down's Syndrome in populations?I have been the victim of being named on a birth cert without my concent and even with a DNA test and a court order the registrar of births will not remove my name from the cert unless the mother gives her permission to remove my name from the document. I HAD A BLOOD TEST DONE WITH THE PERSON I HAD SEX WITH ON DAY 14 AND THE RESULTS CAME BACK THAT HE WAS NOT THE FATHER. I WENT TO THE BLACKROCK CLINIC TO GET IT DONETo second last anonymous - the registrar is obliged to comply with the court order.

I do not recommend that you attempt to carry out any form of paternity testing without the full, informed consent of both the mother and the alleged father (and child if over 18 years).

It would also prove that "irresponsible" men are actually not responsible (for a particular child). Well, it matters because the notion of feckless men has been used so successfully by feminists to deride men in general and to undermine the whole notion of fatherhood especially - with devastating consequences for many men and their children.

And does it not in fact reveal a staggering degree of female "irresponsibility" and duplicity?

To take any sort of sample from any of the parties secretly for testing is legally questionable and most reputable DNA testing services would not accept samples without informed consent.

If (as you report from various US studies), between 14 and 50% of "fathers" are not THE father (on DNA testing), it would explain a great deal about so-called male “irresponsibility".

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The court is powerless to force the issue and the mother keeps trying still to force the child on me. If they continue not to do so, take the issue up with the Senior Registrar's office, or the office of the minister for Health, under whose department the births Marriages and Deaths Register falls.

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