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Near the White Horse Tavern the British encountered Smallwood's force and routed it as well.

The British, led by a local blacksmith forced to act as guide, approached the camp from a wood and were able to achieve complete surprise.

In the American Revolution, though the British (as a result of various government strategies intended to minimize resistance) did take prisoners, and did not regularly massacre the wounded and prisoners, there were a number of incidents, such as the action on 1 February 1777 at Drake's Farm (during the campaign known as the Forage War).

After the action, Lieutenant William Kelly and six other wounded Americans of Charles Scott's 5th Virginia were abandoned during the American withdrawal.

They stormed the camp in three waves—the 2nd Light Infantry in the lead followed by the 44th and the 42nd.

Completely unprepared, Wayne's troops fled from the camp and were pursued.

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The Battle of Paoli (also known as the Battle of Paoli Tavern or the Paoli Massacre) was a battle in the Philadelphia campaign of the American Revolutionary War fought on September 20, 1777, in the area surrounding present-day Malvern, Pennsylvania.

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