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We worked through some barriers that could have been major, major barriers later in life. It also gives you that time to know you're not being impulsive. *The series finale of* Star-Crossed *airs tonight on the CW. You come out of it loving that person more and more. You don't want your first good kiss to taste like strawberry shortcake! After high school, his interest in the film and television industry created a strong desire to pursue acting.While studying at the University of Georgia, Matt decided to move to Los Angeles to follow his dreams of making it a career. series launched to fanfare last month, but even I underestimated how popular it would be. "You'll fall in love with him," pledged another.

I was so amazed by the behind-the-scenes of movie-making. For the first five years I was out here, I didn't want to talk about it.__Glamour: How often do you give relationship advice to Angela's friends? Without trying to explain kissing technique, too much tongue equals too much slobber. __ __Matt__: Back in Ohio, a lot of her girlfriends are married with kids. It's so interesting how much a bad kiss can ruin a date. The costars — whose characters were once romantically involved — have been swapping wedding planning tips in between takes in California."On set we've been on and off like, ' What are you doing? I'm trying to plan my wedding as much as I can be involved, and I'm asking Shenae what's up with her, what kind of colors is she doing," Lanter told Us Weekly at a and Guess event in West Hollywood Jan. "I know all these crazy details about weddings that I would have never have thought of before, but I do now." Lanter and Stacy are planning to tie the knot in the fall of 2013; Grimes recently said that she and Beech "plan to keep our special day very private." VIDEO: Shenae tells Us why she doesn't relate to her 90210 character The actors' real-life romances aside, Lanter said fans are still pulling for his character, Liam Court, to rekindle his relationship with Grimes' Annie Wilson.

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