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It's unclear exactly what Buchholz is doing, so for now let's put aside accusations (and gullibility) and stick to the facts. There is no darkening on the edge of his right undershirt sleeve. He regularly rakes his right index and middle fingers across his left forearm, being careful to keep his other fingers raised. Buchholz's two-seam fastball (thrown with the index and middle fingers on the seams) is much improved with more movement this year; I wrote about this key improvement in his game weeks ago. "There probably are stains on my shirt, because I've been wearing the same shirt for the last three years." It was Buchholz who brought up the stains on his shirt. Know this: Most pitchers, not all, use something to improve their grip.

At MLB Network I was able to review in close detail plenty of video of Buchholz from the past two years, including his start in question in Toronto on Wednesday [watch here]. Buchholz's left forearm glistens this year with some kind of substance that is not rosin or perspiration. Buchholz's answers to questions from reporters about the accusations from Hayhurst and Morris only confuse the issue. There are many "homemade recipes" to go about getting the right kind of tackiness on your index and middle fingers to make the ball spin faster. You need some moisture and tackiness mixed with rosin and water or saliva.

I figure that over 700 plate appearances over the course of the season, if I'm fortunate enough to get those 700, everything else will take care of itself as long as I just pay attention to those two things." What about RBIs, I asked him? Votto is one of the most disciplined hitters in baseball, and nothing gets him out of his game plan.

In fact, in his ERA has severely fluctuated in the last four seasons. Buchholz followed that stellar season by pitching terribly.But pitchers have come to rationalize the use of these substances not as throwing a doctored pitch or "spitball," but as the more benign sounding tactic of "improving my grip." As pitching continues to dominate the game, it is based mostly on pitchers adopting the cutter/sinker combination to get late movement on both sides of the plate.Grip has become important to establish high spin rates on such higher-velocity pitches."I'm looking for something that I can hit for extra bases," Votto said."It has to be a pitch I can drive." So you can complain if you want Votto to "expand his zone" with runners on base or "swing from the heels" more often, but that's not the way Votto is wired as a hitter.

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