Chinese dating scam

But in spite of all those Scammers the events in this case were totally unique. We recently had a member named Paul1967 cancel his membership, and on the same day start a new one. It doesn’t happen every day, but it isn’t unheard of either.

As they try to elevate themselves and seek love and appreciation from foreign men, the scams carried out using fake profiles of Chinese women can greatly hurt their efforts.

There are fraudulent Chinese dating sites and then there are scammers who manage to join legitimate, and even reputable, matchmaking sites using false profiles.

Whatever the case, these scammers prey upon people who may still be new to the world of online dating or are in vulnerable situations; those who are naive, highly impressionable, or just naturally trustful; as well as sophisticated, experienced, and intelligent individuals.

In this case, the member had uploaded on his new membership 2 photos that were already showing on his old membership that he had just cancelled.

Just the same, as is our routine, we ran them through Google.

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