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The fourth season of Cheers, an American television sitcom, originally aired on NBC in the United States between September 26, 1985, and May 15, 1986, as part of the network's Thursday lineup.

Much to Carla's relief and Annie's displeasure, Anthony becomes attracted to Annie's cousin Gabrielle (Sherilyn Fenn).

Several months later, Frasier comes to the bar to announce that Diane jilted him at the altar, made love to other men, and is now in a convent, located one hour away from Boston.

Sam retrieves Diane from the convent and rehires her as a bar waitress.

In the office tête-à-tête, Frasier, with an unloaded revolver, tells Sam that Diane jilted him at the altar in Italy, resulting in the loss of his dignity, teaching tenure, and Italian practice.

So without the satisfaction of scaring Sam, Frasier explains that Diane, after a spree of shameless decadence in Italy, is now serving a self-inflicted penance at a convent outside of Boston to atone for her "sins" and pride.

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During the previous season, Sam went to Italy to stop Frasier and Diane's wedding.

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