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If you were born a uterus or if your uterus is tiny, you will not be able to carry a pregnancy.Since your ovaries are normal and make eggs, an egg can be fertilized with your partner’s or a donor’s sperm. Surrogacy: Someone else such as your sister, friend, or another person you choose, could potentially be a gestational carrier.Uterine transplants: This is a very complicated surgery that was first performed in Sweden, where nine patients have undergone transplants and four babies have been born. Doctors are working on changing the procedure to reduce complications in the future.In the United States, specialists at the Cleveland Clinic plan to perform 10 uterine transplants as part of a major research study. Uterine transplants are highly experimental at this time and not all of the risks are well known.Girls with MRKH have normal ovaries and fallopian tubes. The vaginal canal is typically shorter and narrower than usual or it may be absent. About 3% of girls diagnosed with MRKH will have a minor hearing loss and some may have spinal problems such as scoliosis (curvature of the spine).Girls with MRKH have “normal external genitalia,” which means that everything on the outside of the vagina is not affected.The reproductive system is formed during the first few months of “fetal” life (while a baby is still in her mother’s womb).With MRKH, the reproductive system starts to grow but doesn’t completely develop.

Some girls may find out at an earlier age or when they’re older.A pelvic ultrasound is usually the first test to check to see if a uterus or womb is present.This test can also confirm that you have two ovaries and two kidneys. A tiny uterus is called a “uterine horn or remnant”.You may need to have an MRI so that your doctor can see your female organs in more detail.Some young women wonder if anyone can tell if they have MRKH.

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Gestational carriers are women who agree to carry a pregnancy for a couple.

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