Bulk updating url aliases

Even with increasing the maximum allowed bulk upload this is going to take ages to do.

A collection of elasticsearch command line tools for doing things like bulk importing/exporting and exporting/importing mappings.

The idea is if you have special characters in your node title, that these will be replaced with a non-special character equivalent (e.g. When I tried this out, it didn't work and ended up putting the node I tried it with in some weird state and generating errors.

The Drupal pathauto module is great but be careful how you configure it.

node path settings) - these should be set based on how you want your urls to look like on your site.

If you want all blog posts to start with "blogs" and include the user id and title, you could use: blogs/[user-raw]/[title-raw] If you create a special content type and what that to be part of the url, you can do that as well, e.g.

Delete old alias" Note that if you are hand-coding links to nodes within other nodes, the safest way in this case would be to only ever use the node/xxx for the href but then that causes problems with SEO since you really always want to use the same link throughout the site. If the site is live and you are careful about creating your node titles, then you can use: "Do nothing.

Leave the old alias intact." This is so that your node urls don't change even if you later change the node titles.

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