Avg hangs updating virus defenitions

Published January 27th, 2014 at AM EST , modified April 2nd, 2015 at PM EST Update: Many people have completely ignored some of the cautionary information mentioned in the Scope section, and have erroneously assumed that the anti-virus apps at the top of the test results are the best to use overall.For this reason, I will not be repeating these tests.Malware was copied onto the system inside an encrypted file (to prevent accidental detection), which was then expanded into a folder full of samples.Each anti-virus app had any real-time or on-access scanning disabled, to prevent premature detection of malware.

Some samples were removed, in an attempt to remove any that might have been deemed questionable, while others were added.Almost exactly one year ago, I completed a round of tests of 20 different anti-virus programs on the Mac.Because this is an area of software that is in almost constant flux, I felt it was important to repeat that test this year.It is also important to understand small variations in the numbers.Some of the software that was tested varied from each other, or from last year’s testing, by only a couple percentage points.

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