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The program is completely attached to the recording in London called his second home town.For the person who loves music, “Refreshing Instrumental” in which “the wind blows in the mind” has been completed.The theme of this year, which is the 5th year, is set to “The wish comes true” and artists representing the current music scene gather at Makuhari.Approximately 70 artist will show off hot performance to tell the beginning of summer.

The relationship with your senior junior is also likely to become estranged recently It seems that it is said that it is a very business-like association with Arashi members, I thought “after all” by revealing that I have not been to Matsumoto’s home.

If it does not get audience rating by this, it seems that there is a possibility that it will get stronger.

20 “Minanno Eiga” (TBS series) on May 28th was featured by Arashi ’s leader Satoshi Ohno’ s movie ‘Shinobi no Kuni’.

Making music for “people who love music” was also a pressure, but I felt like I was going to record with the feeling of “giving back to music” that supported my own life.

A refreshing wind blows to the hearts of everyone who listens, finished in a big song that spreads infinite blue sky.

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