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Immigrants, usually the illegal kind, are most of the hustlers you’ll find in the western European countries.

The boys are young Bulgarian Roma who have left behind poverty, their families and social customs. I didn’t want to make a film about them, but rather with them.

In the first such protest in four years, they also demanded the release of four transsexual women as demonstrators gathered outside the Hbeish gendarmerie in Beirut, where activists say morality police often hold such suspects."Homosexuality is not a disease," and "Sex is not illegal - your law is archaic," read placards at the event organised by the Lebanon-based Helem association, considered to be one of the most important Arab groups defending LGBT rights.

"Repeal 534" could also be read on placards, a reference to the article in the Lebanese penal code under which sexual relations "against nature" are outlawed and punishable by up to one year in prison.

Grodecki’s films combined a precise mix of compassion, voyeurism, and above all an appreciation of stylized cinematography and lighting that I find extremely present in ‘Brothers of the Night‘.

Although we could say that Grodecki took that technique from Fassbinder who doused the famous film ‘Querelle’ in yellow, orange, and pink to highlight the hedonistic playground that the handsome sailor wandered through which is obviously a gigantic influence on Chiha’s vision of the hustlers that live near a large river. So I went in search of a style that would do them justice.

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